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We create Cloud-base, integrated, robust and scalable enterprise applications.


We create responsive and interactive digital web experiences for our clients.


We design and Develop enterprise grade applications.


We excel at creative problem solving and usable interface design.


We support you with IT Outsourcing consulting, IT Outsourcing services, and we provide you with IT Outsourcing products in all phases of a project - through to the implementation.

QA & Testing

Our quality assurance strategies include manual and automated testing for market readiness.


Ace 360 technologies have extensively worked with different companies on performance tuning, data modeling, up gradations and data warehousing and we know which solutions are best suited for them.


Ace 360 technologies Cloud Services allow you to use our revolutionary products from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.


We have expertise in following industries and we serve and enhance your business through our services.


Telecommunication operators choose Ace 360, because they value our industry-oriented approach. They are facing challenges of growth, convergence, business transformation, and technological revolution. They know that they have much to gain from our clear perception of Opportunities, Complexities, and Commercial realities of the telecommunication industry. Telecommunication Industry is being benefited from Ace 360's ground-breaking solutions, therefore, telecommunication can cope with emerging trends in a way that improve the financial standing of their business.

Textile and Apparel

With an ample experience in the textile industry and experienced domain experts, Ace 360 offers wide range of solutions that are designed and built specifically for the Textile & Apparel sectors. Our solutions address distinctive business requirements such as complex item coding, flexible Bill of Materials (BOM), production management, traceability, process flexibility and time-to-market, of organizations that manufacture and distribute apparel and textiles—from fibers to yarns and consumer and industrial fabrics, to home textile and carpet, as well as clothing, designer lines, and fashion accessories.


Ace 360 offers enterprise level products and the best Pharmaceutical Industry practices that contribute towards providing a comprehensive coverage of global pharmaceutical markets. We help organizations to meet the highest standard of quality, streamline the processes from production to product distribution, follow regulatory controls, control stocks and deliver traceability.


Ace 360 leverages its extensive domain and technical expertise to deliver solutions for leading banks and financial institutions on a local as well as global level. The proprietary frameworks help accelerate solution development and implementation.


Ace 360 unlocks information silos to deliver a comprehensive view of student and faculty data so teachers and administrators to accommodate them in taking better and quicker decisions. Our products and solutions help you attain international ranking, boost collaborative and learning environment, and reduce the burden of manual administrative working.


Ace 360 has built a solutions portfolio that caters to the strategic challenges & unique business requirements of this industry. Our solutions guarantee insurance organizations to gain sales profitability, end-to-end visibility, reduce operational costs and deliver superior customer services.


Ace 360 offer a range of specialty solutions that benefit stores capitalize on their profits while anticipating changes to consumer demands. All the way from loyalty and CRM to workforce management, we help our clients implement new customer touch points such as personal shopping assistants and kiosks using advanced IT and mobile technologies. We deliver our clients a retail management system that increases business productivity for our client.


We identify how corporate strategy can enable you to uphold your competitive advantage, and simultaneously facilitate you in expanding your business operations lucratively. Chemical companies and suppliers must determine how to out-structure and out-execute their competition to achieve sustainable growth in a recurring industry. Ace 360 can deliver the anticipated results by developing and implementing innovative strategies, refining business operations and reducing risk.

Network Solutions


The Solwise NET-PLV-200AV-PE_MK2 HomePlug AV 200Mbps can transform your home power lines into a networking infrastructure. HomePlug is a fast and simple way to connect to the Internet with easy connection between your computers, games consoles, laptops, smart phones anywhere in your home where you have a mains socket.

You need at least two HomePlugs to create the connection. Traditionally, one plug is connected to your Internet router, the 2nd plug is placed in the remote area, such as your lounge, study or kitchen. The Plug connected to the router, takes the Internet signal and transfers it along your mains wiring, the 2nd plug takes the signal and distributes it via the Ethernet port directly to your device.

Powered by the Qualcomm Atheros Value 6410 chipset this Solwise 200AV adapter is compliant with IEEE1901 and Homeplug AV, allowing hassle free compatibility with existing Homeplug AV devices and other suppliers of HomePlug AV devices.

The Solwise 200AV adapters all have a configuration push button for a convenient way of creating a secure HomePlug network without the need to use software. Security support is by 128-bit AES Hardware encryption, ensuring the network is secure.

Remember, you will need at least two HomePlug devices to form a HomePlug connection. More HomePlug AV devices can be added to further share your network.

Specifications Standards HomePlug AV Chipset Atheros QCA6410 Transmission Speed up to 200Mbps
Security 128-bit AES LAN Port One RJ45 (1EEE 802.3u/10/100Mbps) Security 128-bit AES LED Power, Ethernet, Data
Buttons Security, Reset Power Consumption <3W Operating temperature 0°C ~ 45 °C Storage temperature -20°C ~ 70°C
Security 128-bit AES Operating Systems Windows, Mac, Linux Certificate CE, RoHS, WEEE,UL Warranty *2 year warranty on sales from 1st December 2013

Computer Solutions

PC Performance, Mobile Flexibility

Get ready for amazing. The Intel® Compute Stick is a tiny device the size of a pack of gum that can transform any HDMI TV or monitor into a complete computer. But it's what's inside that's really incredible: an Intel® Atom Quad Core processor - with blazing fast speed that gives you performance for work, play, or both -- and lets you upgrade to a world of new experience. The Intel® Compute Stick delivers everything you love about a desktop computer in a device that fits in the palm of your hand.

Transform your display into a fully functional computer with the Compute Stick from Intel. This over-sized thumb drive PC offers the performance similar to your other computer and allows you to stream online videos, play games, work on projects, and more. On the inside, it sports a quad-core Intel Atom processor along with 2GB of RAM so you can simultaneously run multiple software programs. It connects to any HDMI-equipped monitor or TV and delivers high-resolution images utilizing integrated Intel HD Graphics. Additionally, it supports multi-channel audio through the same HDMI connection. For long-term storage, it is outfitted with a 32GB flash storage drive that provides instant access to your programs and data. You can expand its storage capacity by inserting an optional micro-SD card into the memory card slot, which can accept a 128GB micro-SDXC card. Furthermore, it is pre-installed with the Windows 10 operating system with Bing to complete the ready-to-go out-of-the- box PC experience.

This Compute Stick PC delivers full plug-and-play connectivity by offering an integrated USB 2.0 port for connecting with a printer, storage drive, or other USB devices. With built-in 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, it lets you wirelessly access the Internet to check emails and browse websites as well as a network for sharing files and videos. Another included wireless feature is Bluetooth 4.0 that lets you control the Stick PC with your Bluetooth keyboard and mouse from the couch in a living room or on the other side of a conference room. Bundled along with the Intel Compute Stick to ensure you stay productive are an HDMI extender cable and a 5V, 2A micro USB adapter for providing it with power.

Key Features
Intel Atom Quad-Core Processor
2GB of built-in Memory
Intel HD Graphics
32GB eMMC built-in Storage
Windows 10 Home
Connect. Compute. It's That Simple.


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Microsoft Office 365
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